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Company History

Company History

Throughout the last ten years, the international music industry has turned to take a closer look at Sweden. How could such a small country, in the far north of Europe, become one of the top three global exporters of music? It seemed like nothing short of a miracle On closer inspection, a significant part of that ’miracle’ could be attributed to Diesel Music. This local label stands behind the worldwide success of artists like Eagle-Eye Cherry and Koop, in addition to stars like Titiyo, Lisa Nilsson and e.s.t. - The Esbjörn Svensson Trio - much raved about in jazz circles.

The artists at Diesel Music produce soul, pop, rock, jazz and modern dance music. With the freedom to layer influences with personal experience, they can propel their music into a more innovative and experimental climate. It may be difficult to claim that this is a uniquely Swedish phenomenon, but at Sweden’s Diesel Music, it’s combined with a true love of music that has attracted the attention of both a Swedish and international public.

Diesel Music was started in 1989 by three men who decided to take control over their own work - and gain the freedom to create the music they wanted. When they made the decision to form their own record label, Mauro Scocco, Johan Ekelund and Torbjörn Sten were already well established in their careers.

During their initial years with Diesel Music, Scocco, Ekelund and Sten were extremely selective; Ratata released its final album, followed by a widely sold solo album by Mauro Scocco.

At the beginning of the 90s, Diesel Music came into contact with Lisa Nilsson, whose album ”Himlen runt hörnet” was a joint effort in which Scocco wrote the songs and Johan Ekelund contributed as producer and arranger.

Within Scandinavia, the album was a major success both critically and commercially. Lisa Nilsson became Sweden’s pop queen - and in Denmark, she was named the most popular woman in the country, superseded only by the Danish queen.

Throughout the early 1990s, Diesel Music continued to be restrictive - and successful - in it’s releases. Then the firm established a sub-label called Superstudio, which changed its way of working. Created as a type of workshop for quick or experimental productions, Superstudio has release innovative dance music by Koop, John Grobinski’s dreamlike electronic film music, as well as Blacknuss, the incredibly popular rhythm collective.

In addition, Superstudio has been behind world-famous artists like Eagle Eye Cherry, whose album ”Desireless” has sold more than 3 million copies to date and Titiyo who had a global hit with ”Come Along” a song co-written and co-produced by Peter Svensson of the Cardigans.

In other words, a goal-oriented strategy provided results, and Diesel Music has received a great deal of respect within the music community.

Diesel Music teamed up with Playground Music in 2003, and is now a part of Playground Music Scandinavia, of the leading independent labels in Scandinavia, which otherwise is dominated by the international recording industry.

(photo: Mia Carlsson)

Lisa Nilsson
(photo: Tobias Regelli)